How To Get Residency By Investment In Serbia?

Serbia is a sovereign state in Southeastern Europe that borders the European Union but is not part of it.


Often, foreigners choose Serbia as a country to live in because of the friendliness of the locals to foreigners and the low cost of living. In addition to this, good infrastructure and excellent geographical location add to the attraction for foreigners.


What are the other benefits of living in Serbia?


  • High-quality labor:

  • 5 university centers throughout the country;

  • Language proficiency (Serbia ranked 4th out of 76 countries in terms of business English proficiency according to BEI*. *Business English Index, Global EnglishCorporation, 2012).


Competitive operating costs:

  • According to Eurostat, Serbia has the lowest costs for electricity, gas, other fuels, and fixed telephone communications among 37 European countries;

  • The average salary is 400 euros.


Customs-free access to 1.1 billion consumers:

  • EU: 506.8 million consumers, 66% of total exports;

  • Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus: 171.1 million consumers, 5.9% of total exports;

  • CEFTA: 20.1 million, consumers, 18.6% of total exports;

  • Turkey: 76.7 million consumers, 1.9% of total exports;

  • EFTA: 13.6 million consumers, 0.9% of total exports;

  • USA: 321.4 million consumers, 1.9% of total exports.


Political and economic stability:

  • Over the past 4 years, Serbia has taken steps to further improve political and economic stability. Since 2014, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has taken steps to reduce public debt, including strengthening fiscal responsibility, reforming public administration, reforming state-owned enterprises, and generally improving productivity in the public sector.


Financial benefits and incentives:

  • Cash grants;

  • Income tax relief for IT business. Tax holidays start when the company starts to make a profit;

  • Payroll tax credits – up to 75% of payroll, social security, and taxes;

  • Avoidance of double taxation. The Republic of Serbia has 54 valid double tax treaties covering income, capital, and property with most European countries, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Canada, UK, UAE, etc.;

  • 14 free trade zones, more than 200 multinational companies, turnover of 5 billion euros in 2015.


Optimal geographic location

By car:

  • The highway from Budapest via Belgrade towards Sofia, Istanbul, and Thessaloniki;

  • The highway from Germany through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia to Belgrade;

  • A new highway to Montenegro is being built.

On the boat:

  • The Danube is a waterway connecting the countries of Western and Central Europe with the countries of Southeast and Eastern Europe.

By plane:

  • Nikola Tesla - Belgrade Airport - 20 minutes from the center of Belgrade, Montenegro < 45 minutes

  • Bucharest, Istanbul, Prague, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Athens <1.5 hours

  • Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Kyiv, London, Paris, Amsterdam <2.5 hours

  • Moscow, Dublin, Barcelona <3h

  • Near the sea

  • The Adriatic Sea is only 45 minutes away by plane.


No sanctions against the Russian Federation, a Christian Orthodox country



  • More than 50 SPA and health resorts;

  • 4 ski centers;

  • Near the sea. The Adriatic Sea is only 45 minutes away by plane. Greek coast - 1-hour flight.



  • Variety of international primary and secondary schools such as British school, French school, Russian school, international school, American school with lower fees than comparable schools in Western Europe;

  • The University of Belgrade, founded in 1808, is among the top 300 universities according to the Shanghai ranking.


As for obtaining residency, there are several options:


Real estate investment

  • To obtain a residence permit in Serbia, the applicant must own real estate in Serbia.

  • The annual property tax is from 0.4% depending on the location of the property.




Company formation 

  • This process is carried out with a local notary and an official translator from the client's language into Serbian. The procedure takes 1 hour of physical presence, and then 3-5 days for registration. To register a new company, the client does not need to personally come. The client can send us a power of attorney with an apostille, and we can carry out the procedure with a notary. We will translate the power of attorney into Serbian from our side.


In accordance with local law, a resident of the Republic of Serbia is a person:

- Who resides or has business and personal interests in the territory of Serbia; OR

- Who stays in Serbia for one or more intervals, for a total of at least 183 days or more, during a 12-month period in one financial year.


The client can become a tax resident of Serbia, which is confirmed in writing by the Tax Authority of Serbia. If the client prefers to have the right of residence without tax residency, this is also possible. Professional tax advice is required on this matter.



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