Cyprus Ready To Accept Digital Nomad Visa Applications

In October 2021, the Council of Ministers of Cyprus approved the introduction of the Digital Nomad Visa Program. 100 residence permits will be issued and the main criterion for issuing such visas is a monthly income of 3,500 euros after taxes.


The Digital Nomad Visa is an opportunity for citizens from countries outside the EU and EEA to live in Cyprus while working for an employer registered abroad or doing work for clients or companies located abroad using telecommunications technology.


Benefits for digital nomads in Cyprus:


  • Right of residence for a year in Cyprus, with a possibility of renewal for a further two years.

  • Right of residence for family members, for the same period as the Digital Nomad, without the right to be employed to perform economic activity in Cyprus.

  • If they reside in the Republic for one or more periods that in total exceed 183 days within the same tax year, then they are considered tax residents of Cyprus, provided they are not tax residents in any other country.


The aim of such a program is to strengthen Cyprus “as a center for the provision of electronic services, where in combination with the other advantages offered by Cyprus, the attraction of digital nomads will contribute to the development of the business ecosystem and consequently to the economic development of the country. The introduction of the "Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme" is included in the Strategy for Attracting Businesses for Activities or/and Expansion of their Activities in Cyprus” – writes the immigration department.

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