List of Caribbean Passport Visa Free Countries

A Caribbean passport from a long list of those countries allows for visa-free travel to many countries worldwide. That is one of the reasons why Caribbean passports are becoming ever more popular, often granting visa-free access to more than one hundred and fifty countries.

Find out which countries issue these passports to their new citizens who are also citizens of other countries (dual citizens) and how you can obtain one of these "golden passports". This is a great way to travel around hassle-free, to explore new countries, meet new people on the go and expand your business possibilities.

Read on and find out the requirements to get a passport from any of the five Caribbean citizeship-by-investment countries fast and easily.

List of Visa Free Countries for Caribbean Passport Holders

As mentioned before, it is possible to travel to more than 150 countries without needing a visa with certain Caribbean passports. The exact list of visa-free countries varies depending on the Caribbean passport you choose Some of these Caribbean countries that issue second passports to foreigners, that can be used for traveling visa-free are listed below:

  1. Dominica - Can travel to up to 144 countries without a visa.

  2. St Kitts and Nevis - Visa-free travel is possible to 157 countries around the world and is best for a Caribbean community passport. Also the fastest and easiest program.

  3. Grenada - Up to 144 countries can be visited without a visa

  4. Antigua and Barbuda - With this passport, you can visit up to 150 countries visa-free

  5. St Lucia - 145 countries all over the world can be visited without a visa

You will also find that some of those countries that don't allow visa-free visits from these Caribbean countries may issue visas on arrival. Tourists can visit countries in Africa, Europe, and even the UK with passports from these and other Caribbean countries.

This is great to use, so you are not held back by the time-consuming formalities when applying for a visa to a destination country. Some countries that don't allow entry without a visa may have options to apply online for an e-visa to make it a bit easier.

All those countries you can visit without a visa make it well worth trying to obtain citizenship or a Caribbean community passport. Let's take a look at the different ways you can obtain citizenship or a Caribbean community passport so you can travel freely.

Ways of Obtaining a Caribbean Passport

While there are several ways, including the traditional ways to gain citizenship in Caribbean countries, there are easier ways to get it. The easiest and fastest way to gain citizenship and, therefore, a Caribbean passport is through the government investing programs (known as Citizenship by Investment programs or "CBI" programs for short)  of those countries.

Each of the five countries participating in this provides different programs for people worldwide to invest in their economies. The minimum amount that can be invested for this purpose is US$100,000 through the purchase of property or investment in projects.

There are generally two options for investors to gain citizenship: buying real estate or a non-refundable donation to a country's funds. The minimum amount for the two options differs from the country, so you need to do your own research. Some countries also offer a hybrid of the two, such as the St Kitts-Nevis Alternative Investment Program, or St Lucia's Covid bonds program.

The size of the investor's family will also determine the amount needed to invest in the economy of the Caribbean CBI country you invest in. The larger the family, the higher the investment contribution, but rest assured your whole family can be part of the program.

Requirements for Caribbean Citizenship Investors

To qualify for this Caribbean citizenship program from the respective governments, investors must meet certain criteria. By 2023 all the Caribbean countries that participate in these programs will allow the siblings of investors to participate in the citizen program.

Following is a list of the basic requirements before any investor can apply and qualify for the citizen program:

Minimum Age

To qualify, an investor must be at least 18 years or older to apply for the Caribbean citizenship by investment program. It is important the applicant can prove that they are older than the minimum age before they can qualify for it.

No Criminal Records

Any investor that wants to apply for the Caribbean citizenship program must not have any criminal record against their name. While this is a standard procedure worldwide, this also applies to this program to protect the reputation of the programs against illegal entities and unsavory characters.

Meet Investment Conditions

Applicants must also prove that they can fulfill the government's investment conditions. They should prove they can invest the required amount in the program without any problems.

They Must be in Good Health

 If an investor is interested in participating in the Caribbean citizen investors program, they should be in good health. 

Have Legal Income

In the Caribbean citizen investment programs, the governments will only accept income that was earned legally or from legal investment sources. There should be proof that the investment capital was legally obtained, and is not derived from illegal sources that can't be proven.

Benefits of Each Caribbean Country Passport

Each of these five Caribbean countries' citizenships comes with its own set of benefits and countries that can be visited visa-free. We look closely at them and what these countries offer for those who want to travel freely.

All the following countries provide you with this priceless benefit when you become a citizen, which is a hassle-free travel option.

Dominica Passport Visa Free Countries

There are two options to choose from to become a citizen of Dominica through these investment programs that will not cost too much. The first one is a US$100,000 donation to the government fund, and the other is a US$200,000 real estate investment.

It will take 2 to 3 months for this citizenship application to be finalized and to get your Caribbean passport to travel worldwide. Citizenship is valid for life and can be transferred to any family member in the case of the death of the main investor.

The donation to the government fund is non-refundable and varies depending on the number of dependents of the investor. The government has an approval process for all real estate investments under the Citizenshup by Investment program in order to protect both parties, and you are free to sell your real estate holding  after three years.

With this Caribbean passport, you can easily travel visa-free to up to 144 countries worldwide without the formality of having to apply for a visa. The Investor need not reside in the country and can apply for citizenship by investment remotely without even traveling there.

You can, therefore, either make your investment a lifetime enterprise or choose to only invest for as little as three years. The countries where you can visit visa-free are countries in Africa, many countries in Europe, the UK, British Commonwealth countries, and countries in the middle east.

Your money will be safe in this country with an attractive tax regime of zero tax on international income, investments, or inheritance for non-residents. To learn more about Dominica's investment and citizenship opportunities, go here and investigate for yourself.

St Lucia Passport Visa Free Countries

The St Lucia citizenship by investment program is the newest of the five, having launched and in 2015 for investors to gain these citizenship and passport benefits. To obtain citizenship by investment in St Lucia, there are three options for investors to choose from to get their coveted Caribbean passports.

The standard donation of $100,000 to the National Economic Fund is the first option investors can choose. This allows them citizenship and a Caribbean passport that allows them visa-free entrance to 145 countries worldwide.

This non-refundable contribution can go up to US$140,000 for the investor who has a spouse and US$150,000 for a four-member family. If the family is larger than 4, it will be an additional US$15,000 for each additional family member.

There is also a US$250,000 investment option in the government bonds that will be valid for up to 7 years. There is also a US$300,000 investment plan for a family of up to 4 members, which will last for as long as five years.

As a third option, there is also a US$300,000 investment in real estate that can be sold after five years without affecting citizenship. All these options give you citizenship for life with a Caribbean passport that can be used to travel hassle-free around the world.

The 140 and more countries that can be visited visa-free with this passport include countries in Europe, the UK, British Commonwealth and more. Find out more about this Caribbean passport option with citizenship here and see how easy it is.

Grenada Visa Free Countries

This is a great world travel opportunity with visa-free access to up to 144 countries with only a small investment option. Besides European countries and the UK, this includes many South American countries and many countries on the African continent, and don't forget the various Middle Eastern countries that also have visa waiver agreements!.

You will also have hassle-free and visa-free access to many countries all over Europe and the whole of the UK. If you want to visit the USA for an extended period, you can easily apply for an E-2 visa because this is the only Caribbean Citizenship-by-Investment country has an E-2 treaty with the US.

Getting access to this great opportunity will only take a US$150,000 non-refundable investment in the government fund for lifetime citizenship - something you can also pass on to your children. This means you can use a Caribbean passport to travel to all those destinations you want to visit without a visa. What better return on investment than a passport that offers a hedge, security and safety for your family and future generations?

This contribution to the government fund depends on the number of dependents of the investor. This amount can go up to about US$200,000 for a family of 4 with a spouse and two children.

Of course, the larger the family, the higher the investment amount will be -  and if the family is larger than 4, it will be higher. Every additional family member where the family is more than four people will require an extra US$25,000 of non-refundable investment.

The other option available for investors is a US$220,000 investment in certain real estate that the government approves for Citizenship by Investment purposes. This investment can be sold after five years to retain your capital without affecting your citizenship and passport rights in this Caribbean country.

Learn how to become part of the investment citizen program the Grenada government provides.

St. Kitts Visa Free Countries

The citizen by investment program from St Kitts and Nevis is one of the most trusted and easiest options for investors. This program was established back in 1984 and had been running successfully for nearly four decades, with many difficulties having been ironed out over the years.

With everything sorted out, this investment will be finalized in only 3 to 6 months but can be done much faster. If the applicant pays an additional rush fee, known as the "Accelerated Application Process" the St Kitts Citizenship by Investment process can be further streamlined to take only 44 to 60 days to be finalized.

The St Kitts citizenship and passport include the Nevis and Kitts islands that are part of this twin-island federation. This well established and trusted citizenship by program can secure your whole family with this easy and quick way to get a Caribbean passport for worldwide visa-free travel options. You can understand, therefore, why St Kitts and Nevis is colloquially known as the "Platinum Standard" amongst Caribbean citizenship by investment programs.

All Citizenship by Investment applications can be made remotely without the investor visiting the islands to make it as quick and easy as possible. That also means you can become a citizen of this beautiful Caribbean island without being a resident. That said, it's always a good idea to visit your country of citizenship - St Kitts and Nevis offers great lifestyle for both vacationers and more permanent residents. The complete lack of income tax in the Federation might also encourage you to become a resident!  

St Kitts citizenship and the resultant Caribbean passport allow you visa-free travel to up to 157 countries around the world. These countries include the UK, many countries in Europe such as Germany and the Netherlands, and many countries on the African and Asian continents.

What is great about this investment for citizenship in St Kitts is that it is valid for the family, including the grandparents. This can be obtained with a non-refundable deposit of only US$150,000 in the government fund, US$200,000 in real estate, or US$170,000 in a project under the Alternative Investment Option External financing is also available for some of these investments.

In St Kitts and Nevis, importantly, you are not limited to government-approved investments in real estate - you can also buy real estate in the local market. Find more information about this program from St Kitts and Nevis here to see how easy it is to get a Caribbean passport from this beautiful island nation.

Antigua and Barbuda Visa Free Countries

One of the most affordable and cost-effective options for citizenship by investment programs is the one from Antigua and Barbuda. You will be able to get your citizenship in as little as 3 to 4 months with a minimal contribution to the government fund or an investment in approved real estate

This non-returnable investment of as little as US$100,000 actually gives you a great return on investment:  citizenship and a Caribbean passport to gain visa-free access to 150 countries. This donation is valid for a family of up to 4 members, which includes the investor, spouse, and two children.

To make this a secure investment option, investors will only need to transfer funds after they are approved for citizenship. This is valid for the entire family, including all unmarried children, parents, and grandparents who can participate in the program.

With up to 4 options available to participate in this Caribbean country, the opportunities are huge for investors, with investments in property and business opportunities for joint ventures or a principal applicant that starts at US$150,000 and up to US$400,000.

There is also no tax on local and worldwide income to make it more attractive for investors. With this opportunity, you gain more than the profit on your investment; there is the valuable Caribbean passport for visa-free access to many countries.

Countries you can visit with this passport include the UK, a long list of European and British Commonwealth countries, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more. A very attractive option to consider is the University of West Indies option, requiring an investment of US$150,000 for a family of 6 and more.

This UWI option will entitle one family member to a one-year tuition scholarship at this prestigious university. There is also the investment option in real estate of US$200,000 for a single investor or two investors with their families.

Find out more about this citizen through the investment opportunity for Antigua and Barbuda here if you are interested.


What a great opportunity this is: especially for those who live in countries that have limited access to the rest of the world and for whom visa-free travel is particularly important.

The above article will give you a glimpse into the visa-free travel opportunities offered by the Caribbean passports, that you can obtain under the Citizenship-by-Investment Programs of the five countries we mentioned.

Of course, visa-free travel is only one of the reasons for obtaining a second passport. Other people will be more interested in obtaining a Caribbean passport because of the lifestyle, taxation or banking benefits it brings, or simply as a Plan B in case things go south in your own country. However, those will be topics of other articles on our site.

If you are able to invest in these easy and quick business and real estate opportunities, the long term return on investment  for your family of holding Caribbean passports for life will be substantial

Hopefully, this will inspire you to make the right choice to improve your family's chances of seeing the world! If you would like to find out more about obtaining a Caribbean passport via the citizenship by investment route, follow the links above!